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The Best Article on Being a Woman I've Ever Read

I want to hug Lindy West. I want to take Lindy West out to the poshest brunch spot in town. I want to buy Lindy West the baby animal of her choosing. I want to follow Lindy West around with a boom box playing her favorite pump up song and fire a confetti cannon any time she enters a room.

The woman deserves lauding. The message of this article is so important, and should be required reading for all woman because it bears so much truth. I will be the first to stand up and say that I am super-duper guilty of making statements like these. Not only to myself, but out loud and often. Watching other people be in love while you aren’t, makes it really easy to try and rationalize and explain things away. But Lindy is pointing out that that is STUPID. It is DUMB, DUMMY!

But she also points out that those times when all that nonsense falls away, and life is just life, and you are just you, are awesome. It is the best life can be, and that’s what we should be striving for. And if life is the best it can be, then that’s just great. And if a relationship should happen to fall into that along the way? Well, then that’s just the cherry on top.

So let’s all make a pact as women (men, feel free to join in on this. I’d hate to discriminate affirmations) to slap the negative words out of our faces when we hear/speak them and replace them with positive reinforcements and self-actualizing thoughts!

Ready? GO!

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