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The Bachelorette - Episode 8 Recap


We are really in the homestretch now kids. We’ve got Hometown Dates right now, then onto Fantasy Suite, a quick stop by the Men Tell All, and then we’re done. Wow. From that side it looks like nothing, from my end it looks like a lot of work. But let’s stop dithering and just get to the goods!

The first stop on Andi’s nationwide trip to meet her potential in-laws is Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Nick. This bodes well for him and his family, as the first stop is never the most titillating or scandalous. They do a great job making Milwaukee look like a nice place and not a sad, forgotten step child of Chicago. They go to the Milwaukee Public Market and do fun things like eat cheese, try cheese, sample cheese. All cheese all day! Jealouuus! Then they go on a brewery tour, and one of the beer pulls is called the Nick and Andi with a rose on it. Ok. Then Andi doesn’t know what the polka is…has she never seen HOME ALONE at least? Or like been exposed to any kind of anything to know what a polka is?

Nick has a big old family in the adorable town of Waukesha, Wisconsin. There are a lot of brothers and sisters and boyfriends and fiancés and husbands and wives. It is a HUGE family. But I’m still just distracted about how weird Nick’s mouth and teeth are? Have we talked about this before? His teeth are like tiny and he has little fish lips. Nick talks to his older sister about how he is definitely in love with Andi. That same sister Maria gets emotional talking to Andi about how she just doesn’t want to see him hurt again.

His ADORABLE youngest sister Bella has a list of prepared questions for Andi like “What do you like most about my brother?” She’s freaking cute. I can’t stand how cute she is. Andi is also really great with her. I love this segment with no irony!

Nick’s talk with his mom about how much he loves Andi and wants to spend his life with her is great. He cries! Nick cries because he feels that Andi is a half of him that has been missing! Ok. Alright. We’re at the point of the show where I feel things. I feel things. A boy crying to his mom who is also crying about how much he loves a girl? I mean come on. I’m not a monster.

As they kiss good-bye, Nick doesn’t take the opportunity to tell her he loves her. He says there will be time to do that later. “I don’t think of her as the Bachelorette anymore. I just think of her as my girl,” Nick says as his parting words.

Next stop is Arlington, Iowa (Population 758) to meet Farmer Chris and his down-home family! “There is a difference between being excited to be here and living here,” Andi says of her trepidations of really seeing what life would be like in Iowa. Chris looks super handsome in a vest and a plaid shirt on his own farm. I’m dying.

They go on a quick tour of his house. It’s a great little house that overlooks his huge farm. Andi is very impressed by a guy who owns a home rather than having a dinky apartment. Then Chris takes Andi out on the tractor to see the farm from that perspective, and he even lets her drive! She sits on his lap as he teaches her how to drive this humongous John Deer tractor.

“She asked me if she could sit on my lap and I said ‘I will never say no that question from you ever, I promise you that’,” Chris tells the cameras. Oh, swoon. Farmer Chris really tugging at the old heartstrings over here. Then they have a lovely little picnic in the middle of such a huge field I can’t see where it starts or ends.

Then they discuss what would happen if they live together. Chris really feels that Iowa is important to him and his whole life and family. He’s very understanding that you have to enjoy your lifestyle and where you live otherwise you’ll never be happy even if you’re in love. And then Andi asks what she would do for work in Arlington, Iowa and the FIRST THING CHRIS SAYS IS, “Well there’s an opportunity to be a homemaker.” And then I black out for forty-five minutes.


But then he says that Cedar Rapids is a vibrant community that isn’t too far away, and she would have opportunities to practice law in some form. And I’m breathing regular air again and not just steam and fire.

And then I black out for another forty-five minutes because as they’re sitting there Chris points up to a crop-duster plane dragging a sign that says “Chris loves Andi!” and he says, “no secret admirer anymore!” And Andi is so completely taken by it. She says it’s the most romantic gesture ever. I want to die at how hokey and tacky and like not cute that is.

They arrive at Chris’ parents’ farm house which is very large and modern and nice. They are successful farmers I guess. There are so many huge bear hugs that happen as soon as Chris and Andi walk in the door. His mother Linda and his father Gary (GARY!) are adorable. His sisters are adorable too. I love this family.

The three sisters get together with Andi and cackle as they share dirty secrets about Chris’ childhood. They also sing his praises and you can tell how much they love him and are proud of him. I like those ladies a lot. They are good sisters.

Chris’s mom is the BEST THOUGH. She’s THE BEST. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She is straight talking and smart and knows TRUTH, y’all. When Chris says that it may seem strange he’s fallen in love so fast she says, “Well no. When it’s love it happens just like that. It doesn’t take much time with love.” And then she tells him how she was a girl from town and had never driven a tractor, but she met his father and seeing him on a tractor would just stop her heart. So she adapted and raised her kids on a farm and drove a tractor, and there’s nothing nowadays that would stop Andi from being a successful woman who also lives on a farm.

LIKE I SAID, THE BEST. She never said homemaker either so props to mom.

Then Linda and Andi talk and Linda continues to be adorable and supportive and the best. “Times have changed. I want you to know that if you want to have your career, or even if you don’t, you can still have that on a farm. As long as you have gumption like I’ve got gumption. I think you’ve got gumption,” she tells Andi. SHE’S THE BEST MOM WHO’S EVER BEEN ON THIS SHOW. SHE AMAZING LIKE SEAN’S DAD IS AMAZING.

At the end of the night, the whole family of grown adults plays ghost in the graveyard. You guys. His family is amazing. Andi finds Chris and he whispers, “you’re so smart!” Andi says she is on cloud nine at the end of such an amazing hometown date.

Now we’re in what must be one of the Living Hell’s on Earth, Tampa, Florida for Josh’s hometown date. Josh is such a bro-ey dork I can’t stand it. They go to a park and play some baseball. He’s such a jock. Andi loves every second of him playing baseball and being in his element. I don’t get it. I don’t really get it with Josh in general. He’s too much of a meathead. He’s sweet and genuinely likes Andi but what else? What else is there?

A point of interest for me is that Josh played professional baseball for a number of years and then quit so he could be around his family more and support his little brother as he played quarterback in college and is now trying to get drafted. I’m always suspicious of families that push their children to be professional athletes. Same with show-biz families. Suspicious.

Andi is worried that tonight’s dinner will be all about Aaron and the NFL draft, which is special, but it’s also a special time for Josh as he might be introducing his family to his future wife.  Josh has a reasonably sized family of just two parents and one brother and one sister. Josh even cries a little bit as he introduces them all. His brother Aaron looks like his twin. His brother Aaron also gives the toast at dinner which is so f***ed I can’t really believe it.

Then they talk for what seems like three days about Aaron and the NFL. Andi doesn’t say two words because she doesn’t know anything about it.

His mom and dad talk to Andi only about if she’s willing to be part of their family inasmuch as they will be going to all of Aaron’s games if he’s drafted. They are very protective and very close as a family and that worries Andi. She worries that if she had a family with Josh, they wouldn’t have their own lives as well.

When Josh and his mother talk, she tells him that he has put himself last for so long that he deserves all this great love he’s got coming. Aaron is pretty nice too but I still can’t get over that the son gave the toast at family dinner. That’s not ok.

At the end of the day, she had a nice time because Andi is hell bent on always having fun. But I think Josh’s family is a little intense and the least “homey” feeling she’s gotten so far.

Finally, we go to Dallas, Texas for Marcus’ hometown. They just drive around (in his BENZ) as he plays tour guide to his city. Marcus has already said he’s in love and has expressed the he would already be ready to marry Andi. Andi’s worried this is too fast for where she is at with Marcus.

And then they go into an honest to shit night club in the day, and the Marcus walks away and comes back IN THE SAILOR COSTUME FROM THAT STRIP SHOW DATE. AND THEN HE DOES THE DANCE. SOLO. FOR ANDI.

I black out for at least ninety minutes this time. So awkward and uncomfortable but Andi is like, “it was so hot! Marcus is so hot! I wasn’t complaining!” And I’m not entertained. She says that Marcus is the hottest guy she’s ever dated which is so confusing to me. Like, he’s good looking, but he is not THAT insanely on-fire attractive. Right? Am I crazy here? Am I alone in this?

They walk into his family home and wow, wow, wow are they Polish. Marcus kind of sneaks by as not looking super Polish, but his family are the most Polish looking people imaginable. Beautiful, beautiful people with beautiful eastern European things all over the house. I love it. This feels right at home to me.

Andi and his sister Kathy talk about how Andi feels a little intimidated by the fact that Marcus falls so fast in love and is so quick in expressing it. She wonders if she can catch up to where he is emotionally.

Marcus has a very emotional conversation with is older brother Conrad about how much he appreciates and is grateful to him for being a father-figure to him when their dad left. Real emotions once again!

His lovely mother has a sweet conversation with Andi about how she was able to open Marcus up so quickly with his emotions and trust. “You are very bright and intelligent and of course very beautiful,” Elena says, “I see the sparkles in his eyes when he looks at you!” She is so sweet.

At the end of the night, Marcus tears up as he tells Andi that he loves her and is so happy she met his great family. Andi is touched by this and is really touched by how kind and warm his family was.

And then we break to Chris Harrison’s home in Los Angeles. All the guys and Andi gather with a full film crew to be told the news that Eric Hill has passed away. I don’t think they should have filmed this in the first place. I don’t think they should have shown it. I don’t agree with how much they showed and how long they showed it, so I’m not going to say anything about it other than that it is of course very sad and very difficult to watch people hear the news that someone they know has died.

Magically, twenty-four hours later, it’s time for the Rose Ceremony. We start off right away with a fireside chat with Chris Harrison. My rock, Chris Harrison. Andi is very emotional about absolutely everything. She is emotional about Eric’s death, and sending someone home after meeting the families, and feeling happy about her love while something so tragic happened.

Chrarrison is so wise and strong and tells Andi that it’s ok to show emotion and that she doesn’t have to fake it up there, to just allow the emotions to flow and be true to herself. She pulls herself together long enough to come out to the rose ceremony and tell the guys how grateful she is for the love shown by their families. Then she picks up the first rose, pauses, and has to run off screen because she’s so overcome by emotion.

But we press on. And the first rose goes to Josh which greatly surprises me. The next goes to Chris which doesn’t surprise me at all. And then it’s down to Nick and Marcus, and, unsurprisingly it goes to Nick. He’s been her favorite for so long, and Marcus was the only one with whom she expressed any doubts. Poor Marcus. They have a very emotional good-bye. I feel bad for Marcus, but I know he’s going to get back. Andi says, “I’m sorry I couldn’t give you what you gave me.” Which is deep and cuts deep. He’ll be ok. He will!

We must move ever onwards however. The famed and infamous Fantasy Suite dates are up next in beautiful Dominican Republic.

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The Bachelorette - Episode 7 Recap


We’re back together again so soon. Isn’t this nice? I get to binge watch, and you can binge read right alongside me? Is not this simpler? Jk jk jk I’m not Loki. On today’s episode, Andi and the six remaining guys migrate to Brussels, Belgium. The episode is rife with tension and drama as the decisions made here will impact who goes home for the coveted Home Town Dates. And now, we begin.

The dudes are really showing off their muscles in Brussels! HA HA HA I’m so sorry (not really) but I had to. I had to. Anywho, the city is beautiful European, old-world blah blah very pretty. The boys are very excited about their plush ass suite, BUT LISTEN. LISTEN TO ME. LISTEN TO THE WORDS I AM ABOUT TO TELL YOU: DYLAN BAD-HAIR GOOD-FACE HAS PULLED HIS BAD HAIR INTO A TEENY-TINY PONYTAIL. IT’S SO TINY, BUT IT’S GREASY AND IT’S THERE. Do you think Dylan BH-GF has become self-aware?

Chrarrison stops by the plush ass suite to imbue the guys with a sense of dread of how important the home town dates are. Nick’s confidence is really starting to rub the guys the wrong way. He is very, very determined to be with this woman, but it’s not in a The Notebook kind of way. It’s in a jerky, almost creepy sort of way.

Marcus gets the first of two one-on-ones this week. There will also be a group date with a rose that guarantees a hometown date and then an additional one-on-one.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that Andi isn’t wearing a f***ing, GD turtleneck for her date with Marcus, but I can’t. Because I’d be lying. Because SOMEHOW wardrobe has finagled her into yet another turtleneck. WHAT HAS THIS SHOW AND MY LIFE BECOME THAT TURTLENECKS ABOUND?

Marcus and Andi do the standard Bachelorette date of just exploring the city doing fun things. I am really jealous of this one. They go to a beautiful chocolate shop, take selfies with landmarks, and buy some tacky souvenirs. They even eat mussels in Brussels at a sweet sidewalk café. Marcus tells her that he is full throttle in love with her. And for the first time, in this light at this angle, Marcus looks really good to me. He’s still a little boring, but at least he’s getting hotter? That’s not a thing, Cassie.

They eat an amazing Belgian waffle and she says, “I’m glad you’re a good eater!” They kiss. He talks to camera, and you can see the excitement and love radiating off of him. Ugh. Realness.

They change into fancy-wear and go to a big Belgian palace for dinner. Immediately we get into heavy topics like how Marcus’s dad left his mom and his younger siblings. Andi asks more about the people who would be at the date (as opposed to his father), and Marcus would love to share his family with him. It’s heavy stuff. His mom and his relationship was difficult, but they are in a good place now.

Then Andi and Marcus make out. A lot. In different locations. Making out. YEAAAAH!

Marcus comes home from the date, and Nick realizes that Andi must be somewhere in the hotel. And a plot doth form in his young mind. He trots off into the night to find his lady. Remember when I thought Nick was a simple, normal guy? Yeah I don’t think that assumption was correct. Andi is so shocked to see him because she was worried that something was wrong.

She changes into her casual clothes and they go for a midnight walk in Brussels. They end up at a sidewalk café together. It’s so romantic! SHUT UP! This is a bold, bold move, and Andi is right, it’s against the rules. But just like our old friend Clare, fortune favors the bold.  Nick tells her that he thinks about marrying her. They makeout at the café like a couple of real Europeans.

“I think if I had to chose one word to describe my relationship with Nick, it would have to be passion,” Andi says. “When he kisses me I can feel what he is thinking. It’s hot! It’s so hot.” Girlfriend I get it. But also be careful because the guys are going to resent him big time for this.

Then Josh gets the second one-on-one. “Let’s Ghent it on” the card reads. Whatever could it mean? Just kidding, it obviously means they’ll be exploring Ghent. They eat chocolate at several locations. Yes please! Andi wants Josh to get to a place where he can express his feelings. But then there’s a goose parade? Yes. That’s right. It’s a goose parade. Europeans, man. They love whimsy.

Andi is practically prying his true feelings out of him. He’s scared to and isn’t sharing quite like all the other guys and he needs to do that in order to stick around.

They have dinner in a giant, old castle. It’s amazing. They cuddle up on a couch set in this huge medieval hall. Andi asks more about why he was so uncomfortable last week. After much more mumbling and stumbling over his words, Josh tells Andi that he is, in fact, falling in love with her. And that to take a girl home to his family means that that is someone he might want to marry.

And then beautiful music begins to play and they dance and make out against a castle wall. And the music is actually furnished by folk group American Young playing a seriously gorgeous song in the middle of Ghent. This is really romantic except for being on a platform in front of a bunch of old Belgian couples.

Nick, Dylan, Brian, and Chris are on the group date together. Nick is very sure that he will have the group date rose. Dylan is still wearing his hair in a teeny-tiny ponytail. I think we need to adjust to our new normal here, gang. Dylan Bad Hair-Good Face now wears a ponytail.

The group explores some ruins in the Belgian countryside. It is stunning and verdant and amazing. Dylan eloquently states that the “ruins” stood the test of time much like he hopes their love will. Now, Dylan, not to get picky here but the word “ruins” implies that, in fact, this place did not stand the test of time. Don’t wish for your love to end up in ruins.

 They actually take off on a rail bike that is powered by the four men pedaling a blue-metal chariot for Andi on the old train tracks. Brian starts off by quoting Dumb & Dumber by saying “it feels like your running at an incredible rate!” and now I’m in love with Brian.

The boys are dying pedaling this rail bike and come up with cute little games like rhyming to pass the time. When they get off the bikes, they get to go explore a monastery. It is a fully working monastery wherein no kissing is allowed. They actually have to say that so the dudes don’t go smooching on sacred ground.

But this is where the date rose will be given out. Which is really heavy handed and taking things REAL seriously. The date rose to be handed out on the grounds of a monastery? Ok!

Each guy gets some one-on-one time with Andi, and Chris is up first. They get to spin some pottery with zero supervision or instruction. THEN THEY KISS IN THE POTTERY STUDIO? THAT’S NOT ALLOWED? WTF GUYS? ANDI JUST SAID NO KISSING IN THE MONASTERY!

And then Andi also throws out to the group that whoever gets the rose continues on the date with her while the rest of the guys go home. They begin to panic. It’ll be ok guys.

Brian and Chris also take this time to hate Nick even more. The producer’s have kindly cut the footage so it looks like Nick has just been talking and talking and talking. They think he’s just thinking about strategy and how to play the game. I don’t know. I think he is thinking about that, but he’s thinking about that because I think he genuinely likes Andi. I don’t think he’s faking it.

Well, then it’s time for Coach Brian to walk and talk with Andi. Somehow it has become just part of “the game” that each contestant must profess that they are “falling in love with” the Bachelor/Bachelorette if they want to have any hope of getting a hometown date. So Brian takes his one-on-one time to do just that. Brian is so sweet and funny. I just love him. But I don’t know if Andi and he have that special connection.

Nick is still very self-assured in everything going on. He’s just confident that Andi will meet his family. Their conversation goes so well that they have to stand up and walk away from each other so they don’t kiss in the monastery. I would say that Nick is right to be so confident in moving onto hometowns, BUT I don’t know that he’ll get that date rose.

The moment of truth is upon us. The date rose goes to Nick. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. You can see how crestfallen the other guys are. The three amigos pile into the backseat of a van and buckle their seatbelts together like the baseball team who just lost the big game. They each take turns saying, “fuck”. It’s hilarious.

“Andi just gave me the rose, and I feel like she just told me she loves me,” Nick says.  The happy couple changes clothes and arrive for dinner at a beautiful palace. Nick plants one giant kiss on her right away.

Back at the Plush Ass Suite, the guys all get really steamed together about how conniving and bad Nick is. Usually, I’m on everyone’s side about “the villain”. But this season? Really, guys? I don’t know. Nick is just really confident in what he has with Andi and isn’t playing with all the other boys. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not there to be with Andi or find love. I think he is. I do. I think Nick’s intentions in this are pure.

And the one-on-one date with Andi is more evidence of that. They kiss and giggle and talk about how they would be as parents and what the hometown will be like. As fireworks go off, they make out even more. “I do see that possibility of him standing at the very end,” Andi says. Yeah, I don’t think it’s much of a secret that barring any huge disasters, Nick is one of the finalists. But who else will join him?!

When Nick returns home from his “mini one-on-one” all the guys sit in stony silence. No one wants to hear how great his time with “their” “girlfriend” was. The camera pans to each of the guys to gauge their reactions. Brian is giggling into his wine glass. Josh coughs twice. Marcus stares at the floor. And Chris has a tiny, smug smile on his face.

They start digging into him, and honestly guys? I don’t care anymore. I don’t care how they think he’s a strategist and not there for Andi. I don’t CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE. WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN SELVES GUYS. Remember in first grade when someone would tattle on someone else and the teacher would say, “Thank you, Britney but you should only be worrying about Britney.” Chris, Brian, Josh, Marcus, Dylan: you should only be worrying about Chris, Brian, Josh, Marcus and Dylan!

The most notable thing is that Nick comes so, so, so close to saying everyone’s favorite Reality Show Catchphrase. “I didn’t come here to…be in a frat house,” says Nick. OOOH, so close buddy! But the sentiment is the same. You didn’t come here to make friends.

The guys arrive at a stunning chateau that production has bedecked with the requisite candles, tea lights, and pillows from Pier 1 Imports. Andi’s dress is intense. It’s midnight blue with some serious embellishment up top and down its long sleeves. Damn I love a gown with long sleeves.

During the cocktail party, the guys seem to know that Marcus and Josh are most definitely going to Hometowns. So Chris, Brian, and Dylan are all sweating it out as to who the final rose will go to. Andi also basically tells us as much, too.

Everyone is nervously pulling her aside to robotically remind Andi that they are each falling in love with her. Even Nick pulls her aside to have a moment with her despite having a rose. The guys accordingly react.

But the moment of truth is swift upon us. Andi gives a stirring speech about how seriously she takes hometowns. That for her, it means she sees a serious possibility of being with that person for the rest of her life.

Roses go to, of course, Josh and Marcus first. And that leaves our three boys to sweat it out. In the end, it goes to Farmer Chris. And I think that’s the right call. My sad little heart weeps for Coach Brian and Dylan Bad Hair-Good Face. Dylan cries. Andi cries. Brian cries. Andi cries more. It’s an emotions FESTIVAL in that chateau.

But I think Andi has the right final four. And hometowns are going to be really interesting I think with several of these guys. But it’s also the episode during which they find out that Eric has died. And that’s going to be really emotional and difficult to watch. So bear with me as I figure out how to convey everything that’s going on with a very serious subject on a very ridiculous show.

Until then my loves! My hope is to be all caught up by the time we get to the Men Tell All on Monday. Fingers crossed!

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The Bachelorette - Week 6 Recap


We’re here! It took me so long to get all caught up with everything in my life, and sadly these had to take the back burner for a moment. But now I am back babaaaay, and ready to go. Let’s dive into love with our friend Andi. It’s week six, and this rag-tag group of fools has hit Venice, Italy. They arrive by ship, calling and cooing to the gods of love and art that they are here to appreciate none of it.

Andi greets the guys just off the canal, and says the one-on-one date is starting right away. Everyone is expecting it to be Cody because he’s the only one who hasn’t had one yet. But jk, y’all. Nick gets the date! They play the scary Intervention music as everyone panics for Cody.

“I feel like the pet dog of the group, like I’m just being drug along,” Cody says. And that is seriously depressing. Poor Cody. You are a Grade A Jabronie, but no one wants to feel like a pet dog.

Andi is taking this one-on-one date with Nick to really feel things out with him and see if there was any reason to be suspicious of him after last week’s drama. They are whisked away in, what else, a gondola.

The guys are staying in Abano Terme which is, according to the copy they gave JJ to read, “gorgeous and just minutes away from Venice.” Farmer Chris takes up his role as this season’s Renee and talks things out with Cody. He supports his feelings of unease, but also agrees that Andi is taking this opportunity to talk things through with Nick.

With the help of a trusty guidebook, Andi and Nick explore Venice holding hands, buying pizzas and gelato, and generally being pretty cute. Over all this both of them are just saying words, words, words about last week and wanting to start over with a clean slate and Andi worrying about getting too swept up in the romance. But, as Hamlet and we all know, those are just words, words, words.

Nick feels really positive about their date though, and that, according to him, “We’re back!” Andi feels better but still has questions she needs answered.

“Going into tonight, it’s sink or swim for Nick,” she says.

And then the scene changes to night and Andi changes into her best dress yet. It is black with gold leaf effect and is very dramatic. They walk into an insane, I mean, insane, Venetian masquerade hall for dinner. Nick is in a tux. Andi’s dress is SLAMMING. This room is INCREDIBLE.  But Andi gets right down to brass tacks about last week and what exactly went down.

Nick feels like he was attacked unfairly and his feelings were hurt by Cody calling him arrogant. He is very straightforward about the fact that he knows what he and Andi share is special, and that he doesn’t want to be rude to the other guys. He also doesn’t want to put them ahead of what he has with her. That seems to satisfy Andi and all her questions. I guess it works for me too.

 They keep whispering though. Why are they whispering so much? Is it because the hall echoes and the sound guy was like, “whisper or nothing!”

 “I’m definitely falling in love,” Nick giggles, “I know we have a long way to go, but I definitely am.”

And the deal is sealed for Andi! He gets the date rose no problem. After both putting on fancy masks, they go out to a patio and dance to a little quartet. It’s romantic as shit.

Date card time! Josh, Brian, Dylan BH-GF, Marcus, JJ, and Chris have their names called out which means Cody will get his one-on-one!

Before the group date starts, Andi gets another note from her secret admirer. She does her best to feign intrigue and delight as she wonders who it could possibly be. This secret admirer business is the lamest attempt at wooing this show has seen since that guy on Emily’s season wore a mask for the first three weeks.

The guys and Andi do a little Venice exploring together, then head up to Monselice Castle. They walk into the dungeon and everyone’s like, “Che cosa?” Then through a creaky wrought-iron door walk the two most Italian dudes of all time. They are presented as two of Italy’s best in the field of reading and administering lie detector tests.

The first scary guy says something in Italian. Then the next guy, clutching a leather bound book because COMEDY, says, “We are here to make with you a lie detector test” in what I can only pray is the first of many silly translation issues.

The dudes are a little freaked out. “I never lie,” JJ says, “No, that’s a lie. I try not to though!” Ugh JJ stop being so irrepressibly adorable.

Andi goes first to get the ball rolling and to show that this trust thing is a two-way street. Right. The guys freak out in the courtyard while Andi answers such hard-hitting questions as, “Is Italy your favorite country in the world?” and “Do you think all the guys are here for the right reasons?”

She’s done awfully quickly, and then it’s Josh’s turn. He appears to be the most skeptical and mistrusting of why she feels the need to do this. Josh has completely forgotten that he is on a television show that lives and dies by the ratings it achieves through sensationalist actions, but no matter! He still does it. The main questions asked of all the guys is, “Are you here for a right reason?” and “Are you ready for marriage?”

“Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?” the tiny bald Italian man asks. Dylan says no. I mean that’s FAIR. Not every guy does! GROSS. But like, ok.

Dylan then pulls Andi aside to tell her he’s going home because he’s really not feeling well. When she asks what hurts he slaps his tummy and his head because he’s a child. Sweet man. Simple man. Go home, Dylan, feel better.

Chris reveals that he is the secret admirer and is worried that when she sees he has lied to her (about that) it’ll be bad. Oh hush, have a little faith Chris. She’s gonna eat it up like so much ravioli.

And now the results are in! According to the tiny, bald Italian man “Three guys told no lies. One man told two lies. Two men told three lies.” He then hands Andi the results of the test, and then shares that Andi told two lies and hands the men the results. I bet one of her lies was that Italy is NOT her favorite country in the world. Chilling stuff.

So Josh is continuing to be so perturbed by a lie detector test saying that he trusts Andi implicitly and doesn’t need no stinking tests. Brian rips open her results right away though because he’s a human person who is naturally curious about shit like that. And LO! WHAT HO! It looks like Andi DID lie about Italy being her fave country and also about thinking all the guys are there for the right reasons. Now that, the latter lie there, that is chilling stuff. Kind of. In terms of what this show is going for.

After a big rigmarole of will she or won’t she tear up the test results, Andi tears them up! She TEARS. THEM. UP. After spending all this time talking about trust and putting those poor professional, Italian lie-detector men through an afternoon of ass-hattery, she TORE THEM UP? Baloney. Josh is really puffed about it and thinks it “speaks volumes of her” that she could have so much trust. Does it? Does it, Josh?

And then we have a quick, acid trip where Cody and Nick are silently in a sauna together? Have I inadvertently dropped some acid? No? Ok. Cody and Nick are just silently hating each other from within a sauna together.

But the group date goes on. After a quick costume change, they arrive back at the castle. JJ is so adorable I can’t really stand it, but he is dressed like a wizard trying to pass for a muggle: Purple pants, sport coat, linen shirt, big multi-colored striped scarf. JJ should follow that “always take one thing off before leaving the house” rule big time.

Brian pulls her away first to get some quality time. He does a “fun” little recreation of the lie detector test from before. It’s a solid “dad” move. I get a very “dad” vibe overall from Brian.

The boys are wildly postulating as to who could possibly be the secret admirer? I think Chris thinks he’s playing it cool but he’s darting his eyes around wildly and being like, “Maybe we’ll never know!” and then staring off into the middle distance. “Who cares?” is what I say. BUT NO ONE CARES WHAT I SAY.

Marcus and Andi continue moving right along the vibe train. These two really like each other, but Marcus is kind of oatmeal to me. He’s just…there. But he feels really strongly for her and  she for him. He reveals that before his one-on-one he was thinking about leaving the show because he was so weirded out by “the process”. But he didn’t. They kiss and we see his tongue big time.

With Josh’s one-on-one time, he decides to bring up that the lie detector test was weird because he thought that she trusted him. And she says, “You read that much into it, huh?” which translates to “the producers made me do this you big dumb galoot”.  Andi gets kind of defensive with him because he’s getting so defensive and strange about the lie detector.

The whole conversation throws Andi into a really emotional place where she questions everything about what she’s doing there and if it’s going to work out. She cries to camera as she worries that maybe putting her entire life on hold to come find a husband and eternal love was all for nothing. She mainly regrets not reading those test results. A-DUH-DOI!

But as she’s clearly upset after her talk with Josh, Chris pulls Andi aside to awkwardly tell her like a shy little boy that he was her secret admirer. They kiss, and it helps Andi feel better about the whole day.

And for that little ray of hope and puppy-like cuteness, Chris gets the date rose. But the drama ain’t over yet, honey! As everyone sits there with fake smiles of congratulations for Chris, JJ speaks up. Whether this was induced by jetlag, extreme fatigue, alcohol, or any other mind altering substance, we’ll never know. But JJ says, “No offense Chris,” which is a cool way to be informed you’re about to be offended. “No offense Chris, I’m really happy for you that you got it but I’m getting a little sick of everybody congratulating everybody else getting roses and getting one-on-one dates.”

He explains that it’s weird to be congratulating guys on getting further along in the process when that means that everyone else’s fate is that much unsure. The guys jump on him right away asking, “Well what’s the alternative?” Chris gets pretty defensive which is hot. He’s not just all sunshine and rainbows. Chris tells JJ that if he wants to sit there and be “sour grapes” that’s fine because he “couldn’t give less of a f***”. NICE.

Now it’s time for Agent Cody Banks. Just kidding it’s time for Cody’s date, but remember that movie with Frankie Muniz and Paul Giamatti turning blue?


Andi is so excited to be on the date with Cody because he has “the most amazing eyes”. Does he? Or are we just grasping at straws for something nice to say about Agent Cody?

The Code-ster is really excited and just all smiles as they walk around old Verona. He’s such a giggly mess. They go to The Juliet Club and help answer some Letters to Juliet. This stunningly elegant and beautiful Italian woman explains the Juliet Club to them and asks them to help.

They read one letter from a new divorcee asking about how to feel confident getting back on the dating scene and another from a boy asking for help being confident around the girl he is in love with. Both letters are very sweet, and I can’t help but enjoy this whole part. But then Cody crafts a response to the dude and tells him that he can relate because he has the same thing with a great girl named Andi.

Now. Fine Cody. Way to share with Andi in a cool way that you have feelings for her and she gives you butterflies in your stomach but ALSO. These are supposed to be responses FROM JULIET. NOT YOU. NOT A 32 YEAR OLD PERSONAL TRAINER FROM CHICAGO IN VERONA ON A LARK. Come on, man. Use your big old noggin.

At dinner Andi is wearing some tight, tight pants that I first couldn’t tell were pants. It’s a cute ensemble though once I realized she was wearing pants. Cody is wearing a black deep V and a stripey blazer. It’s a rough look.

He starts right away by saying that he was inspired by their activities to write a little letter of his own. “Dear Juliet,” he starts, “I’m writing to you about my own love story. About a year ago, I was watching TV, and I saw a very beautiful girl step out of a limo. And I knew she was special” Oh Boy. “The first time we met, I knew we had a connection. Since then I’ve had time to get to know her and I’ve learned she’s a beautiful, down to earth girl, and has all the qualities I’m looking for in a wife. Today was our first date, and she has not let me down. And I hope for many more dates. And I also hope she helps me write my greatest love story.” Oh boy. He finishes by asking Juliet to bless their love story. Yikes! OH YIKES! I don’t think it’s happening for Cody, and after that letter this is gonna be like punching a puppy.

He professes more of his feelings for her. And as he professes more to Andi how much he likes her and wants to know more about her, she starts crying. “The longer you keep me around, you’re in trouble because you’re gonna like me more and more,” Cody says.

And that’s where she cuts him off. She explains that she just feels that their friendship is there but the romance isn’t. Andi feels so appreciated and lifted up by Cody and can see what a great, great guy he is, but ultimately doesn’t feel the romantic side of things at all.

She cries and gets really emotional as she tells him why she can’t take him to next week. He takes the rejection like a real pro though. He is so respectful and generous to her. Cody, you leave like a true gentleman. You need a little bit of a style-overhaul, but you’re a sweetheart.

The rose ceremony will be at the oldest winery in Italy (maybe) in Verona. The men pull up in enormous Rolls Royces. They’re are all a titter because they really need this time with Andi to make their feelings known and put it all on the line one last time.

Andi is in a slinky, sparkly black dress that is allotting for an intense amount of side boob. Nick pulls Andi away first and all the guys are pretty steamed because he already has a rose. But Andi really likes it because he took control of the situation like a man. Chris is very disappointed in Nick’s behavior, and the rest of the men appear to be in the anti-Nick boat.

The rest of the rose ceremony continues with the typical show-boating and emotions-bearing. Then Andi has a great fireside chat with Chrarrison who helps Andi to debrief her not so great week. She feels great going forward that her husband is there, but it’s getting harder with fewer and fewer guys.

Roses go out to: Dylan Bad-Hair Good-Face, Brian, and Marcus. Then it’s down to just JJ and Josh. My J-boys. And then, to my great chagrin, the final rose goes to Josh. JJ knows it before she even says it. He’s so crushed and sad. I’m so crushed and sad! JJ! My little pantsapreneur! I love you so! Come heal your wounds with me in Chicago! I will cook you delicious dinners and make you salsas from scratch J-JAYYYYYYYY!

Whew. What a rollercoaster this week was, huh? And it can only get crazier from here. That’ll be fun. This party is moving along to Brussels, Belgium. Cool! I can’t wait. Of course you won’t have to wait a full week for that recap, hopefully it’ll go up on Friday. Until then my loves! Ciao!

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I just wanted to ask if you'll be continuing your Bachelorette recaps? I love them!

Even as I type this during a commercial break, I continue to toil away at the recaps. I continue for several reasons:

1) I finish what I start and I started this, and I’m gonna finish it GD it.

2) The tiny community of Bachelor/ette lovers we have here from across the world is something I never even imagined when I started this blog for my friends a few years ago. I feel connected to you all and, frankly, indebted. Disappointing you would be rough stuff.

3) I have nowhere else to place my rage, frustrations, confusion, amusement, and a tiny belief that “the process works” but here in the vast depths of tumblr. And damn if it doesn’t feel GREAT.

In short: they are on their way!


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Henley Monday - 
I feel genuine excitement in sharing this photograph with you all today. It was a rare find, and I was thrilled, I tell you, THRILLED upon its discovery. I mean, can you even stand it?
It’s Teeny-Tiny, Baby,  Boo-boo Colin Firth looking all concerned and pensieve. The short sleeved henley of course gives him that casual unkempt look that shows his depth of character but also THAT HAIR. THAT FLOPPY PUFFY HAIR.
I swoon anew each time I behold it. Oh Colin, the standards you’ve set are impossible.

Henley Monday - 

I feel genuine excitement in sharing this photograph with you all today. It was a rare find, and I was thrilled, I tell you, THRILLED upon its discovery. I mean, can you even stand it?

It’s Teeny-Tiny, Baby,  Boo-boo Colin Firth looking all concerned and pensieve. The short sleeved henley of course gives him that casual unkempt look that shows his depth of character but also THAT HAIR. THAT FLOPPY PUFFY HAIR.

I swoon anew each time I behold it. Oh Colin, the standards you’ve set are impossible.

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Henley Monday -

I’m back from England and your good graces!!! This week we will be having an unprecedented THREE RECAP WEEK due to the back log caused by my travels abroad.

Also to appeal to your lovely hearts, I give you this picture of absolute heartthrob Chris Messina aka Danny Castellano of The Mindy Project.

It’s apt because Chris Messina is always apt, but Fox just announced that The Mindy Project will only be returning for a fifteen episode third season. This is not the kiss of death necessarily for the show, but it is SO HARD to consider not getting our full dose of Lahiri/Castellano gold.

OUR LIVES ARE HARD. But we prevail. Thanks to images like the above.

Henley Monday -

I’m back from England and your good graces!!! This week we will be having an unprecedented THREE RECAP WEEK due to the back log caused by my travels abroad.

Also to appeal to your lovely hearts, I give you this picture of absolute heartthrob Chris Messina aka Danny Castellano of The Mindy Project.

It’s apt because Chris Messina is always apt, but Fox just announced that The Mindy Project will only be returning for a fifteen episode third season. This is not the kiss of death necessarily for the show, but it is SO HARD to consider not getting our full dose of Lahiri/Castellano gold.

OUR LIVES ARE HARD. But we prevail. Thanks to images like the above.

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The Most Important and Least Informed World Cup Piece You’ll Read

Hi boys and girls. With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, I thought it would be nice and topical to do a special Henley Monday featuring several of the most attractive players But it turns out that it is nearly impossible to find a single picture, whether professional or paparazzi, of a footballer in our favorite body hugging garment. I did, however, find several pics that made my heart rate increase to a staggering level, and because I am benevolent, I share those with you now. Presenting…

The Hottest World Cup Players in Various States of [Un]Dress:  

This is Lionel Messi of Argentina wearing the shit out of a Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo. When I briefly lived in Buenos Aires, I learned two things about soccer: Maradona is God and Messi is Jesus. He’s also tiny and super hot.

Robin Van Persie of The Netherlands can’t believe how hot his salt and pepper hair is either! He’s so svelt and beautiful and expressive on the field, I would do a flying header right into his bed.

Graham Zusi of the US just gets it. He gets that you’ve had a long day and just need to curl up into his arms and watch some Netflix. Plus, you can totally trade some hair styling tips! You know he’s got a regimen.

So, Alexi Lalas here isn’t a player anymore but he was on the US men’s team in the 90s and now he’s doing commentary on ESPN and he is SO HOT. He used to look like a grizzled lion (still hot) and now he looks like the Lion in Winter. His red hair and red beard scruff are almost too sexy to bear. But bear it I will.

Olivier Giroud of France is unreasonably good-looking whether he’s on the field, wearing a cardigan, or you know, just the tiniest pair of swim trunks imaginable. He’s…magnifique, to say the least.

Lastly, we have Xabi Alonso of Spain and COME ON. WHO LOOKS LIKE THAT? XABI,YOUR PIERCING GAZE IS ENOUGH TO MAKE MY EYES BUG OUT OF MY HEAD AND PANT LIKE A CARTOON WOLF. It was so hard to pick just one picture of Xabi because his perfection knows no bounds. Que dios te bendiga, Xabi, more than he already has that is.

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The Bachelorette - Episode 5 Recap


Wowee, everybody. It feels like EONS since last we met and Andi was handing out roses like freshly minted hundred dollar bills. But thanks to the grace of network television, we’re back. And this week Andi and her rugged band of brigands are off to the beautiful Mediterranean shores of Marseilles, France.

We’re now at the part of the show where I feel deeply jealous of these hooligans who are traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the world on ABC’s dime. Lucky bastards. Marseilles is obviously beautiful with that old world, French charm with markets and stone buildings and docks of big boats.

The boys arrive hooting and hollering random words in French to make sure the French know they are there and continue to hate them.  After they settle into what I would call one of the more moderate plush ass suites, Josh gets the first date card.

Before we get the Josh Suave Shakedown, Andi has some council with the one and only Chrarrison! He sneaks up behind her at an open air café wearing, WHAT ELSE but a TURTLENECK. If someone had sat me down before this season started and asked me what the most absurd recurring theme was going to be, I never would have guessed TURTLENECKS. What is this, NINETEEN NINETY-SIX?


Chrarrison is charming as ever and so is Andi. They have a great natural chemistry, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Ashley’s season on the Bachelorette. Chrarrs asks her point blank if she’s falling in love, and she avoids the question by saying “Shit…”. She admits it’s not just with one guy though! OOoooOO! Chris gets a few positive-spin zingers in there.  More Chrarrison time please. That was fun.

The two little lovebirds are going to be exploring Marseilles together, simple as that. Where would this show be without open air markets? How many a time has love been found between the stalls of friendly artisans and farmers and cheese mongers selling their wares? They order two sandwiches that are never to be seen again, and then when walking down a street that has both water and boats docked beside it, Andi says, “So I guess this is like a harbor.”

Yes, Andi. This is “like” a harbor. Boats + dock + water = harbor.

And the next thing you know they are slicing through the water in a boat. If Andi and Chris have good friendship chemistry, the sexual chemistry between Andi and Josh is dynamite. These two are hot for each other but also manage to have an actual discussion about his career while canoodling on the front of a boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

Back at L’Hotel de Douche, Andrew is getting antsy about proving to Andi who he really is as a person. He’s hoping his name isn’t on the group date card that Dylan Bad Hair-Good Face is reading right now. We’ve got Marcus, Dylan BH-GF, Chris, Cody, JJ, Marquel, Nick, Patrick, and Andrew. Andrew and his snaggle tooth are none too pleased.


Josh and Andi’s boat drops them off at a place called The Calanques, some stunning wooded rock formations in the sea. It’s like something out of a fantasy novel. They walk up to a singular wooden bench as if production was like “Eh, you’re on a rock formation. You’ll get those Pier 1 pillows when you’re back on terra firma.”

They talk more about Josh’s baseball career, but at the heart of it, Andi is concerned that their physical connection is the only thing they have. She even invokes the name of You-Know-Who Juan Pablo saying they had a great physical connection but, “Oh my GOD, I could never be with him!”. So we’ll see. Right now I have a touch more faith in Josh than Juanie-P.

But we have other things to talk about like Andrew’s snaggle tooth and apparent RACISM. In L’Hotel de Douche (which I now realize in French means Shower Hotel and not Douche Hotel BUT I WILL PRESS ON), JJ tells Marquel that at the very first rose ceremony after Marquel got his rose, Andrew nudged JJ and said, “Oh she gave them to the two blackies.”


BLACKIES!? IS THIS THE EIGHTEEN NINETIES? WHAT THE HELL, ANDREW? I mean does this show have an awe-inspiring lack of diversity? Yes. But let’s not use the incredibly offensive and outdated word BLACKIES. BLACKIE. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*** ANDREW? It’s so offensive I can’t fully wrap my mind around it. And Marquel is rightfully steamed and confused about what to do. On the one hand, we know Andrew is an ass that will deny it. On the other hand, Marquel has a right to call someone out for so thoroughly disrespecting him.

Marquel gets emotional talking to camera about why he’s so conflicted about this. He doesn’t want to stir up trouble, but it hurts him that “No matter how you treat someone, they still have this idea of you. You know? Judge me off of me. It’s crazy to think that the first thing people are gonna think about me is ‘Ok that’s a black guy’ and that’s it.” I am frustrated that Marquel feels he has to defend himself for being hurt that someone was goddamn racist towards him. I am frustrated that Marquel is having to deal with this period.

THIS SHOW IS MAKING ME DEAL WITH A LOT OF REALNESS THIS SEASON. FIRST DEATH AND NOW RACISM? I don’t come here for things that we talk about in real life. I come here for theater of the absurd!

Somehow there is still a date going on. Josh and Andi pull up to Palais Longchamp which is a legitimate palace. It is stunning. They are all gussied up and looking beautiful. Andi is really feeling like tonight is a chance to have a deep discussion with Josh and connect on a deeper level. They use the word “athlete” as a defining characteristic more than one would think possible.


They are talking incredibly close. Lots of close talking about love and past relationships blaaaah blah blah. Andi clearly gets what she wants in terms of an emotional connection with Josh. He gets the rose. And then we have another private concert! This time it’s from Ben Fields. They dance and kiss. The End!

Now let’s get this group date drama started! We’ve got Marquel and Andrew trapped together and we’ve also been promised some words between Cody and Nick.

Ohhhh giddyup. Start your engines, kids! It’s MIME TIME! That’s right the boys are doing mime, Andi says in the producer-concocted theory that it’s really about teaching them the importance of non-verbal communication in relationships.

“I know absolutely nothing about miming except they use a lot of like their hands and…do activities,” Dylan says with the least amount of enthusiasm.  Oh Dylan. You sweet baboon. Your hair is ok today and it’s making that good face of yours look even better.


After a good instruction session from an adorable old French mime, they guys get changed into traditional garb to go perform on the square. This is embarrassing not only for them but also for America, and I would like to propose a retroactive petition for them to not.

Except they very quickly win me over because the adorableness factor is through the roof! Farmer Chris jumps right up there and does his best mime. The people of Marseilles are indifferent at best. It comes as no surprise to me that Marquel, who is a clown in everyday life, is super into mime and is probably the best one.

After the initial awkwardness, all the guys get into it and it does look like fun. Mostly the kids of the town come out and the guys are great with them. JJ shines by being so positive and ADORABLE. Everyone is having fun…except for one person. Andi calls out Nick for pouting.

“Salty, salty Nick,” Andi says. He’s upset to be on a group date and sharing his time with Andi. Andi’s thoughts are to suck it up, basically.

At the cocktail party, Andi has done the unthinkable and donned YET ANOTHER turtleneck sweater. She’s got this cute little french ponytail hair situation and a black f***ing turtleneck. We are living in this reality.

JJ pulls Andi aside right away. He (the producers) had this great idea of stealing Andi away for some extended one on one time. So he (the producers) took her on the Ferris Wheel at night. It’s beautiful and quite romantic. I also just adore JJ and his endless supply of good fashion sense.


All is not quiet on the Western Front, however, as the guys start to dig into Nick a little bit for basically being a smug bastard this whole date. They say he always acts like he’s above it all and acts as if he knows he’s “the front runner”. Even Patrick, who is hot but friends with Andrew and therefore of questionable moral fiber, calls him out saying there’s a difference between confidence and being an asshole. Cody straight up asks him, “Do you think you’re the front runner in all this?”

And Nick replies, “Eh. Yeah.” Which is bold. Boldy-boldy, bold move in front of all these other alpha dogs. And just then Andi and JJ come back in. JJ is precious and wearing a big dumb smile, but Andi immediately senses the tension.

Farmer Chris tells Andi a little bit about the things being said, but he’s even scared to tell her like the sweet, sweet puppy of a man he is. Andi realizes that if Nicest Guy in the World Chris is saying something, she needs to look into it.

Cody is still laying into Nick and keeps throwing the words “homie” and “bro” around. Cody is accusing Nick of mocking him for some random something about being grateful? He keeps saying “homie” though, and it’s hard to take his stake in the conversation seriously when he says “homie” every third word.

So when Nick and Andi have their time she calls him out for being “salty” during the date despite him telling her he had fun. I somehow don’t believe him. She tries to press him about what the drama is between him and the guys right now. He is forthright about the details, but Andi points out how much he’s downplaying the whole situation. She wonders if he’s not emotionally manipulating her.

But don’t worry. Don’t you worry your pretty little heads because Nick has a POEM. A POEM. To read to Andi. Look. Chris put me through the ringer last season with his poetry and it was all garbage and he won, but still. Do you guys know how difficult it is to transcribe each line of that garbage? It is difficult and it means I get to suffer through it five or six times as many times as other people. SO I’M NOT GONNA DO IT. You can’t make me. He says some choice words like “When I look at you I see beauty/ When I look at you I see strength” so let that just paint the outlines of the picture with words he painted.

She seems guarded during the whole exchange because I think she realizes how much she likes him but also realizes that there might be a side to him she doesn’t see. So we’ll see with Nick. I still like him, but I think he needs to shape up or ship out.

AND THE DRAMA CONTINUES as Marquel confronts Andrew in front of the other guys which is a good idea so that things don’t get out of hand. Marquel just places the facts out there but doesn’t throw JJ under the bus. He is very calm and mature about the whole ordeal. Andrew reacts pretty strongly that he did not say that at all. He is clear about how he aims to treat every single person in the house with equal respect, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or how much money they make.

I think the argument could be made either way here. Since we don’t have proof, we have to speculate. Either Andrew was reacting strongly because it would be terrible to be accused of saying something so offensive and derogatory towards someone, or Andrew reacted that way because he wanted to overcompensate for actually saying that not wanting to get caught in being a “bad guy”.

But we aren’t here for philosophical debates; we’re here for some sappy romance and overproduced special moments. So JJ gets the rose for being adorable and taking her on a Ferris wheel! Nick is being a pouty-pouty poo-poo about this.

Brian has the final one-on-one. He is nervous for his date because he knows they’re going to be cooking. They trek off through picturesque Marseilles, and then they pop into the “cinema” to watch a movie. Cinema seems a little generous for the vacant potato cellar they are occupying. It’s an empty stone room with a projection screen and a leather couch and one sad popcorn machine.

They watch a movie called “The 100 Foot Journey” about an Indian man and French woman falling in love through cooking.  I kind of want to see it with my mom real bad. Helen Mirren is in it.

Brian and Andi try their damndest to make analogies for how the movie is like a relationship. Whatever guys, the good part is them going through the market and picking out the foods to make their dinner. I’m jealous.  They get frog legs to prepare like a couple of professional amateurs.

As they arrive at Andi’s super cute apartment though, things get strange. Brian gets very quiet because he’s so nervous to be in the kitchen. Andi is put off a lot by this because the mood before was so free and easy and now it’s tense and strange. It should be a romantic fun time, but Brian’s nerves are getting the better of him.


They try the frog legs and both hate them, and Andi’s also feeling like there’s no flavor in the relationship. So they scrap all the food they made and get boeuf bourguignon at an outdoor café. They love the food, and now Brian is realizing that he should’ve been more open while they were cooking. He tries to open up and calls out that he was just feeling shy in the kitchen. They kiss and smile a lot. And he gets the rose. Then he takes her back into the kitchen of the café to kiss her and make up for not doing it in the apartment earlier. Smooth move, buddy. Smoothiest.

In the darkening twilight of a palatial estate, a Rolls Royce brings Andi her men to the cocktail party. Andi’s hair is in a big voluminous braid and a sequined dark blue dress. They match the romantic décor of the estate perfectly. She sits down with the Chrarrison to hash out what she wants to do this week. Andi doesn’t need a cocktail party because she feels sure of which relationships aren’t going anywhere. She is cutting three guys.

This throws the guys into a downright tizzy. They are all visibly deflated about not getting a final chance to talk to Andi. Dylan’s bad hair is the worst it’s been. He has it parted down the center and then the front little tendrils are expertly gelled. Why didn’t anyone stop him? JJ I’m blaming you.

Josh, JJ, and Brian are on a separate pedestal for they have already received roses. Andi walks out and gets the ball rolling. Roses go out to Marcus, Nick, Chris, Dylan BH-GF, and the final rose goes to CODY. I make a noise like a swooping bald eagle because CODY? F***ING CODY? HE’S THE BIGGEST JABRONIE AROUND.

So Andrew, Patrick, and Marquel are going home. I think it’s time for Andrew, but Andrew was his own worst enemy. He’s blaming everyone else for the fact that he didn’t have a stronger connection with Andi. Which is definitely a quality one wants in a partner. Patrick is upset and tells us, “I have been told by many people, not just girls, that I have many qualities that would make me paramount as a husband.” Which….where do I start? I’ll start with SHUT UP YOU TWAT. And I think we’ll end there too. Shut up. You twat.

Marquel is the one I’m saddest to see go because he was the most genuine guy out of those three. He was a clown, but he was a nice guy who was a class act through every moment. Best of luck to you Marquel! Please don’t allow yourself to feel down about the fact that you were cut at the same time as Andrew and Patrick the Douche Patrol.

That’s it for this week. Next week we are moving on to Venice where there will be masquerades and gondolas and, of course, the famous Venetian Lie Detector Test that Shall Stir Up Much Displeasure Amongst All Parties Involved.

I can’t wait.

Until then, I’ll be over here. Doing my thing and posting pics of hot guys and random youtube videos of Tom Hiddleston. And I’ll be over on Twitter @chasspod extolling the various virtues of certain World Cup players bodies. Ciao, bello!

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We’re having a slight delay on this week’s recap due to technical and personal (mental) problems! Please enjoy this video of Tom Hiddleston singing and talking about Captain Hook to tide you over.

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kristallyzed asked: How surprised are you that Marquel is still around? Not just because The Bachelor is usually...well. But because of his jester ways and picnic table shirts too.

"HIS JESTER WAYS"!!!!!!!! That’s amazing.

YES. Yes. What in the hell is he still doing there? I think his days are definitely numbered. When he literally just sat on that couch and made her stand up in her formal gown “to teach her some self-defense moves” I thought for sure that was his kiss of death because WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT? But poor little Tasos went home instead. Although Tasos’ time was up for sure. He was not up to snuff.

I’m coming for ya Marquel…just you wait….

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